Simple payment solutions for complex business problems.

Paya's payment platform is an extension of a merchant's business system. Securely accept transactions – anywhere, anytime, with every option available – and allow merchants to choose what’s right for them.

Payment solutions for your customers.

We are committed to offering a better payments experience, however merchants do business. No matter a business’ priorities, we’ve got a solution to help! Learn about Paya’s payments industry solutions. 

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Integrate with Paya’s simple, secure payments technology and be on your way to offering exceptional customer support, and solutions to meet every need.

  • Accept payments anywhere

    Taking EMV® payments has just gotten easier with Paya’s Virtual Terminal—a secure, cloud-based solution that allows merchants to take payments anywhere and everywhere.

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  • Mobile payments

    Mobile payments are becoming more commonplace every day, and Paya offers solutions to meet this growing segment. Securely take payments on-the-go through the Paya mobile payment gateway.

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  • Security and fraud

    Fraud prevention is crucial for today’s businesses. Paya has partnered with industry leaders to ensure a secure payment experience for Card Present and Card Not Present customers.

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  • Online payments

    Accepting EMV® payments is easy with Paya’s Virtual Terminal. Add functionality with services that support recurring payments, shopping carts, and online donations.

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  • Gift & Loyalty

    Increase customer awareness and build revenue-generating programs using our award-winning Gift & Loyalty card solutions.

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  • Dedicated support

    Integrating with Paya is a breeze. Our top-rated customer service team is available 24/7.

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  • “I can’t say enough about Paya. Their solutions are simple to use, easy to get up and running and reliable – what more could an entrepreneur need!”

    Camille Kesler
    CEO, SmallCakes

Check out how Paya’s Payment Solutions will significantly help your business.

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  • Healthcare

    Today’s patients want to choose how they pay—online, over the phone, and/or in person.

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  • Nonprofit

    Help associations, religious organizations, communities and school councils get paid, make payments and efficiently manage donations and organize their business.

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  • Education

    Paya is a simple, secure payments processing solution that supports educational needs.

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  • Manufacturing

    A seamless solution for business-to-business needs, including comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  • Retail

    Valuable options to let retail customers pay their way—securely.

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