Powerful integration tools for commerce and payment enablement. Paya Connect.

Business needs evolve crazy-fast. And payments need to happen crazy-fast, too. Paya Connect helps you help your clients, no matter the industry, with simple, smart technology and solutions that help deliver awesome transaction experiences.

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End-to-end exceptional experiences.

  • Accept payments anywhere

    Paya’s offers a secure, cloud-based smart solution, means clients can take EMV® payments anywhere and everywhere.

  • Mobile payments

    People are on the move. Transactions are, too. Our mobile payment solutions help you meet the demands of this growing segment. Securely accept payments through the Paya mobile payment gateway.

  • Security and fraud

    Fraud prevention is crucial for today’s businesses. Paya has partnered with industry leaders to ensure a secure payment experience for Card Present and Card Not Present customers.

  • Online payments

    Paya’s Virtual Terminal makes accepting online EMV® payments a breeze. We also offer smart solutions for recurring payments, shopping carts and online charitable donations.

  • Gift & Loyalty

    Boost customer awareness and energize revenue-generating programs with our smart, award-winning Gift & Loyalty card solutions.

  • Dedicated support

    Paya is here for you, always. Contact our top-rated Customer Service Team 24/7/365.

Paya’s smart payment solutions will help turbo-charge your business. Just watch!
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Peter Kaufman</br>CEO, ADSS Global
Amy Whitten</br>Product Analyst, PayTrace
Camille Kesler</br>CEO, SmallCakes

“Paya is a reseller’s dream. Their installation is virtually automatic.”

Peter Kaufman
CEO, ADSS Global

“Paya fit the bill on everything. We were very impressed that Paya had the capability to offer us a unified solution.”

Amy Whitten
Product Analyst, PayTrace

“I can’t say enough about Paya. Their solutions are simple to use, easy to get up and running and reliable – what more could an entrepreneur need?”

Camille Kesler
CEO, SmallCakes

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