Accept Payments

  • Online

    Continuously expanding ways businesses can pay using Virtual Terminal, B2B payments (Comm+Health Card), or split payments (convenience & service Fees).

  • At the Point of Sale

    Cloud EMV® and terminal devices make physical card acceptance easy and secure in the cloud.

  • On-the-Go

    Accept payments with any smartphone using Paya's mobile capabilities.

  • Over the Phone

    Accept payments with any phone connection.

  • Anywhere

    Virtual Terminal collects keyed card payments securely without a card reader.

Additional Payment Acceptance Solutions

Paya is continuously expanding its online payment solutions to keep pace with how businesses want to pay—always keeping you one step ahead! Take a look at all of the ways Paya can help your business grow.


Checks still dominate the world of business transactions. Offering check and ACH payment acceptance is easier than ever when bundled with the Paya platform. Our solutions support transactions online or over the phone, and feature Check Conversion and Check 21/Guarantee functionality.


Easily manage integrated invoices with Paya’s eInvoice billing capabilities, tailored to the needs of your business. Create customized email invoices and options such as pay-by-text and click-to-pay.


Allow customers to stay on track with flexible recurring and scheduled billing options, stored accounts, and our integrated Account Updater that makes account and expiration date changes seamless.


Reduce your PCI compliance scope and burden through integrated Tokenization and leading security solutions. Secure transactions by encrypting sensitive data at the point of sale with P2PE & SREDKey devices. Accept EMV® cards to reduce fraud liability.

Enhanced Reporting

Our reporting capabilities empower businesses by helping them better understand their own.

  • Transparency

    Our online reports are designed to encourage transparency and enhance service quality.

  • Insight

    Our reports are designed to simplify business decisions by providing clear insight into data.

  • Real-time access

    Online reporting enables instant, real-time access to authorizations, transaction history and summary reporting.

  • Support

    Easy access to transaction data allows our partners to more efficiently serve and support their customers.

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