Company history

Established 1989
Acquired by Sage North America in 2006
Full-service, end-to-end payment processor focused on integrated payments
More than 2,000 partners
Over 1M customers served, primarily in the U.S.
300 employees
August 1, 2017 Acquired by GTCR, a leading Chicago-based Private Equity firm specializing in building successful fintech and payment processing companies
January 23, 2018 launched new Paya brand
Headquarters in Reston, VA with locations in Atlanta, GA and Fort Walton Beach, FL
Purchase of Stewardship November 1, 2018
Purchase of First Billing Services January 8, 2019

Join the Paya team!

Join the Paya Team!

Paya employees help people discover a better way to work in the digital age. Our mission is to provide exceptional business solutions and customer experiences that deliver value and growth today and tomorrow. Our team provides simple, smart business solutions and easy-to-implement technology. When we’re not working hard for our partners, we engage in volunteer events, team socials, and other activities that create a trusting bond to make Paya a winning team.

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  • Top half shot of Paya's CEO Jeff Hack smiling at the camera. He has short, curly hair, a short beard, glasses and is clad in a blazer with a blue undershirt.

    Jeff Hack

    Chief Executive OfficerRead Bio
  • Top half shot of Paya's Chief Revenue Officer Mark Engels smiling at the camera. He is a tall, short-haired man clad in a blazer with a blue undershirt.

    Mark Engels

    Chief Revenue OfficerRead Bio
  • Picture of Rhonda Johnson, Human Resources lead at Paya. She has long blond hair, is clad professionally in a black blazer with long pink shirt, and is smiling at the camera.

    Rhonda Johnson

    Human ResourcesRead Bio
  • Picture of Paya's head of Product, Marketing, & Communications, Andrea Kando. She is smiling, has blond hair, and is clad in a dark gray blazer with a light blue undershirt.

    Andrea Kando

    Product, Marketing, & CommunicationsRead Bio
  • Picture of Glenn Renzulli, Chief Financial Officer of Paya. He is a short haired, smiling man who is clad in a black sports coat with white shirt underneath.

    Glenn Renzulli

    Chief Financial OfficerRead Bio
  • Christine Scappa

    OperationsRead Bio
  • Ben Weiner

    Strategy & Corporate DevelopmentRead Bio
  • Darrell Winfield

    Chief Information OfficerRead Bio