Industry Leader and Trusted Advisor

With over twenty years as a trusted provider of best-in-class payment solutions and plug-and-play integrations, Paya merchants know we’re committed to their success. We’ve got smart solutions for every type of experience, tailored to the needs of each particular business.

Superior Innovation for Superior Business Outcomes

  • Improve Cashflow and Working Capital

    Paya provides more payment options—credit/debit, ACH, and check—all under one roof, enabling your customers to choose their preferred payment method without the need for multiple providers, additional devices, or complex processes at the point of sale. Digital payment options drive faster payments, and by offering a solution that’s fully integrated with your accounting/ERP software, Paya delivers greater visibility into your financial resources, enabling you to better gauge your cash-in-hand and put it to work sooner.

  • Deliver Exceptional Experiences

    Integrated payments not only make life easier for your employees, but they also drive exceptional, more personalized, and more engaging interactions with your customers. In addition to allowing customers to pay you when they want and using the method they prefer, you’ll be able to capture data and gain insights that will enable you to better understand your customers and promote your business.

  • Increase Productivity, Decrease Operating Costs

    Save time and money with integrated payments that enable automation throughout the payment lifecycle:

    Customer insights streamline POS transactions
    Digital acceptance eliminates human error
    Real-time reports provide total transparency
    Seamless integrations simplify reconciliation

    With Paya’s modular architecture, merchants are also able to change and grow their payments capabilities as their needs evolve, and deploy those changes with a nimbleness never experienced before.

  • Decrease Operational Risk

    Paya enables you to manage and minimize operational risk through top-flight support models and end-to-end data encryption.

    “Five nines” of availability deliver 99.999% uptime.
    24/7, on-shore, bilingual (English/Spanish) technical and support agents ensure exceptional commerce experiences.
    Secure payment methods keep you and your customers out of harm’s way.

  • Partner with Experts

    Paya’s domain expertise lies not only in the complex and ever-evolving payments space, but also in the industries we serve. So our experts have a deep understanding of your business needs, and are able to build comprehensive payment solutions that truly deliver superior outcomes and exceptional commerce experiences.

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