Marketing Programs Designed for You

Paya’s marketing services help our software partners monetize their payment programs. We do all the heavy lifting, designing high-yield programs that result in the greatest levels of merchant adoption in the industry and require very little effort to implement. Based on best practices and years of experience, our partner marketing programs bring a unique blend of marketing services and support to help you differentiate your software solution and drive the adoption of payment services among your clients. From highly customizable, comprehensive campaigns to turnkey programs, our marketing services consistently result in a higher solution adoption rate for the partners that implement them.

Your Marketing Toolbox

As a Paya partner, you’ll have access to a variety of tools to inform and educate your existing and prospective clients on the benefits of integrated payments powered by Paya. Marketing tools include:

  • Partner Referral Form

    Paya’s online referral form enables partners to refer clients for setup, streamlining the process to get clients up and running.

  • Sale Scripts & Sales Training

    Paya will develop customized sales scripts, enabling your team to guide conversations and confidently articulate the features and benefits of your integrated payment solution powered by Paya.

  • Marketing Collateral

    The Paya Marketing team will provide digital, co-branded collateral including but not limited to merchant services overview brochures and product sheets with relevant information (e.g. tokenization, card updater, POS devices, and more).

  • Website Content & Landing Page

    Paya will provide content for your website, focused on the key value propositions of the integrated solution, along with recommendations on where to place this information. Paya will also provide a landing page containing your partner referral form.

  • User Group Conferences

    From exhibiting in your partner showcase, to hosting breakout classes, or presenting a general session, we're here to support your user group conferences! Our experience has shown user group conferences as being one of the most effective ways to drive integrated payments adoption among your client base.

Marketing Campaigns

Once your tools are in place, it’s go-time! Paya’s marketing campaigns will drive our partnership forward and yield the highest adoption rate possible:

  • Market Launch: Email Drip Campaign. We’ll start by introducing the Paya integrated solution to your existing client base through a series of three to five emails, providing you full reporting through the campaign.
  • Market Launch: Inside Sales Outbound Call Campaign. In coordination with the with the email drip campaign, Paya’s seasoned team of payment experts will educate clients on the value of the integration and assist with account setup.
  • Ongoing Marketing Campaigns. As the integrated solution is enhanced and new features and technologies become available, we’ll design, deploy, and manage email campaigns to drive continued adoption.

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