Solution Features

Complete Payments Solution

  • Accept payments via the Acumatica Customer Portal
    Accept Credit, Debit, or ACH seamlessly right inside the customer portal
  • Recurring billing
    Setup customizable payments schedules, utilize automated,recurring billing functionality and create and email transaction receipts
  • Level 2 and Level 3
    Qualify transactions at the lowest interchange rates
  • Comprehensive reporting
    Run custom reports using any timeframe
  • Magento Shopping Cart integration
    Client’s can accept payments from a Magento storefront and sync payment details back into Acumatica for reconciliation
  • Secure processing environment
    Tokenize customer information and offer end to end encryption

Our integration to Acumatica’s ERP is quick, seamless, and allows users to access a variety of payments features through our simple and secure API.

  • Automatically mark invoices as paid
  • Email payment reminders
  • Collect payments for unpaid orders
  • Save multiple credit cards for each customer
  • Create, manage and delete tokens for saved customer card details
  • Accept cash payments without having to store customer information
  • Input new card information directly from the Payment andApplication screen
  • Ability to capture amounts less or more than the originalauthorized amount

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