Faster, Easier ACH Merchant Onboarding With Paya and Agreement Express


Accelerate Efficiency and Revenue Growth With Automated Onboarding

Traditionally, merchant onboarding has been a tedious and resource-intensive process, but not anymore. Paya ACH, a Nuvei Company, and Agreement Express, an NMI company, have teamed up to deliver faster, easier and more profitable merchant onboarding for our ISO and ISV partners.

Our automated onboarding solution eliminates manual data transfer hassles and
reduces the time it takes to get merchants up and processing for ACH and Check21 payment acceptance by 70%. In as little as 15 minutes customers can accept payments—and you can begin earning payment residuals.

By removing friction and delivering a modern onboarding experience today’s merchants expect, partners are well positioned for success in today’s highly competitive market. If you are ready to accelerate your business and streamline merchant onboarding while delivering the best ACH solutions available, keep reading.

What is Automated Onboarding?

Automation takes the human – and the human error – out of onboarding. A software platform takes merchant data submitted via an online merchant processing agreement (MPA) and automatically inputs it into a boarding portal. Partner onboarding teams then simply review the data to validate that the pre-populated pricing information is correct and then submit the application for approval.

How Paya ACH and Agreement Express Streamline Each Step of the Merchant Onboarding Process

Paya’s integration with Agreement Express enhances each step of the signup and onboarding process, from initial application to final approval. It also improves the merchant experience, providing the speed and convenience modern merchants demand from their payment partners.

Web-Based Merchant Applications

Agreement Express provides Paya ACH partners with brandable landing pages where merchants can complete ACH and Check21 applications using a quick, straightforward online form.

Forms are simple and intuitive, streamlining the application process for both onboarding specialists and new merchants.

Secure Digital Signature

Digital signature capabilities allow merchants to sign applications legally and securely from anywhere via mobile devices.

The system functions alongside various authentication and verification methods to create a secure and legally enforceable digital signature. This tool eliminates the need for printing and re-scanning forms, maximizing speed and convenience.

Automated Merchant Data Transfer & Pricing

Once an application is submitted, Agreement Express pulls data from the web-based form and connects it directly to Paya ACH. With this, manually reviewing paper applications, wrangling information, and manually inputting merchant data are all eliminated.

Pricing and fee information needed to move an application forward are pre-populated to protect partners’ margins from unexpected errors and disruption.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround

While merchant applications are still subject to underwriting review, automation significantly speeds merchant onboarding allowing partners to complete the process almost 70% faster. And, faster onboarding means faster time to revenue and improved productivity for your team.

Start Onboarding Merchants Faster with Paya ACH and Agreement Express Today

Paya ACH partners can begin using automated onboarding immediately. Simply contact your account manager to get started.

If you’re an ISO or ISV that is looking for a more efficient, merchant-friendly way to sell ACH and digital check processing, while speeding time to revenue, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to a team member to learn more.