Hannah’s Home

Hannah's Home

Hannah’s Home is funded exclusively through private donations by individuals, churches, businesses, and grants. Thus, providing donors with streamlined donation experiences is of utmost importance, as is their ability to manage their donations and communicate with donors.

The home had been using PayPal to accept donations, as well as eKYROS as their donor management solution. Because PayPal could not integrate with eKYROS, manual processes still existed which introduced significant inefficiencies and the potential for human error, and they did not have all the management tools and reporting that they needed. Further, their donors were frequently having difficulty when trying to set up repeat donations.

After considering a broad range of available donation acceptance providers, the staff at Hannah’s Home selected Paya. Purpose-built for nonprofits and faith-based communities, the Paya solution not only enabled Hannah’s Home to accept donations easily and securely, but it integrated seamlessly with eKYROS, and reflected their organization’s branding.

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