Cocoa Regional Water Utility

Cocoa, FL

The regional water utility in Cocoa, Florida serves and bills the city’s customers as well as those of six neighboring public utilities. By multiple measures, the utility has a significant number of monthly interactions. For example, it serves more than 90,000 water customers, answers more than 12,000 calls each month on a variety of questions, and assists more than 7,500 walk-in visitors. The volume and complexity of Cocoa’s billing means it needs a partner it can trust to maintain its customer service commitments.

Cocoa conducts billing activities every day of the month, consuming 18-20 business days. The staff was spending a great deal of time responding to customer questions about billing and errors that arise because water rates differ for the seven utilities that Cocoa administers. In addition, the volume of paper bills accounted for a significant amount of paper and postage. The regional utility sought a payments partner that could mirror its mission to serve the community with P.R.I.D.E.—Professional, Responsive, Innovative, Dedicated, and Exceptional public services.