Paya Launches Paya Connect Platform to Enable Custom Payment and Commerce Experiences

Suite of best-in-class payment and enabling technologies allows business solution developers to create commerce and transactions anywhere, at any time. 

ATLANTA, October 17, 2018 — Paya, the provider of innovative payment solutions for businesses, today announced the launch of Paya Connect. The fully integrated payment platform allows software developers to quickly create flexible, secure and cost-efficient payment and enablement solutions for businesses, health care providers, schools, non-profits and a host of others. Paya Connect’s ability to handle a range of payment types–from mobile payments to complex fund transfers–securely and with no additional software or hardware installs makes it ideal for meeting the evolving demands of multi-channel businesses. More than 100,000 merchants already use Paya to process $27 billion annually.

Paya Connect features a suite of APIs, code libraries and other resources to help developers create, test and deploy custom payment and commerce solutions. More than a gateway for integration, Paya Connect is a centralized platform with evolving capabilities that addresses the specific and immediate needs of today’s commerce developers. With Paya Connect, even sophisticated solutions can typically be delivered quickly and efficiently. Paya has architected the platform to allow for seamless integration as new solutions become available. The core integration keeps software and business management solutions up to date as regulations and protocols change and the need for new services evolves.

“With Paya Connect, we’re providing a platform with expanding capabilities that makes it easier than ever for our partners to create customized payments experiences that meet solution specific requirements,” said Greg Cohen, president of Paya. “Developers don’t need to be experts in payments, boarding or invoicing–we’ve taken all of the complexity out of adding commerce capabilities to software. As a result, our partners can deliver solutions faster and enable their own customers to accept a wide range of payments, without the need for complicated software or connections at the point of sale. These benefits make Paya Connect unique in the payments industry today.”

Four products comprise the Paya Connect platform: Paya Connect Acceptance, Paya Connect Transact, Paya Connect Boarding, and Paya Connect Simplicity. Paya’s more than 2,000 ERP, ISV, VAR, and ISO partners may use one or all of these products, depending on customer requirements. Paya Connect is a platform that also offers the following:

  • Flexible payment capabilities: The platform can accommodate credit and debit cards, automated clearing house (ACH) or electronic funds transfer (EFT) transactions, electronic benefit transfer (EBT), and flexible spending account (FSA) transactions.
  • Recurring payment capabilities: Paya Connect can support any payment cycle, or skip or defer payments based on use cases defined by merchants.
  • Cloud integration at the point of sale: Paya Connect can add payments capabilities to a wide range of Internet-connected devices, with no extra software or connections required at the point of sale. This streamlines the customer experience and speeds deployment
  • Secure vaulting and updating: Paya Connect securely stores and tokenizes all cardholder information to allow merchants to store it for recurring payments. In addition, it automatically updates expired credit and debit cards for increased approvals.
  • Data enrichment to support Level 2 and 3 payment processing: Paya Connect offers global data enrichment to enhance authorization for certain types of B2B transactions.
  • Quick invoicing: Paya Connect includes invoicing with click-to-pay functionality, helping merchants get paid faster. It also sends payment reminders.
  • Secure processing environment: The platform provides a secure processing environment, allowing compliance with requirements such as PCI, PCIe, and HIPAA.

Paya Connect is now available to Paya partners. To learn more about what Paya Connect can do for your business, visit

About Paya

Paya, Inc. provides innovative payment solutions for businesses. The company is rapidly advancing its platform and diverse set of technologies to enable flexible, easy to implement payment solutions that transform and grow businesses across industries. More than 2,000 partners trust Paya’s technology and experience to deliver value and growth for 100,000 customers. Paya is a GTCR backed company headquartered in Reston, VA, with offices in Atlanta, GA, and Fort Walton Beach, FL.