Paya Announces Launch of PayaGov

Launch marks the strategic alignment of market-leading solutions and services for government entities

Atlanta, GA – January 31, 2022 – Paya (NASDAQ: PAYA), a leading integrated payments and commerce solution provider, today announced the launch of PayaGov, the company’s solutions and domain experts serving government agencies, municipalities, and service providers. The launch is a key milestone in the strategic alignment of Paya’s market-leading government and municipality franchises, and reinforces Paya’s commitment to, and position in, this key vertical.

With the convergence of Paya’s considerable government sector capabilities and over three decades of industry experience, PayaGov is a national leader in the government and municipal payments space. As of year-end 2021, PayaGov serves over 2,000 government agencies and municipalities in 24 states, processing over 8 million payments per year, and delivering over $1 billion in revenue to its government and municipal clients. PayaGov solutions enable clients to accept payments for water and gas utilities, property tax, courts fines, licenses, permits, and other municipal payment needs. Drawing on Paya’s long-standing expertise in this sector, and in partnership with thousands of government agencies, PayaGov solutions focus on driving citizen engagement and adoption, while streamlining workflow and maximizing efficiency for government and municipal workers.

“We are very excited to introduce PayaGov, building on our market-leading franchise and momentum in this key vertical,” said Ben Weiner, chief strategy officer at Paya. “The launch marks the full integration of our First Billing Services and Payment Group brands, consolidating our government solutions and expertise to deliver a stronger value proposition to the market. This alignment will serve as a catalyst for greater innovation and service for our clients, as well as a foundation for continued long-term growth.”

“As a leading provider of secure payment acceptance for government agencies and service providers, Paya is committed to long-term innovation in the public sector,” said Michele Shepard, Paya’s chief commercial officer. “PayaGov represents our leading payment technologies and decades of domain expertise, helping government agencies across the US address their unique needs, while delivering exceptional payment experiences to their citizens.”

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