Cutting-edge Financial Technology is a Must for Local Governments Recovering from the Pandemic

Mark Engels, CRO of Paya. He has dark hair and is wearing a suit.

By Mark Engels, Chief Revenue Officer of Paya
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When states began issuing stay-at-home orders last March, the sudden need for fully remote municipal services initially left many local governments scrambling. Local institutions that lacked a digital presence quickly realized that they didn’t have an effective way to reach citizens for fee-based services, outside of an in-person or mail-in environment. This meant they had no way to provide services like marriage licenses, building permits and hunting and fishing licenses, or to collect fees for citations.

Making matters worse, these cities lacked remote communications capabilities, meaning they couldn’t notify constituents of changes to payment processes or set up redirects for live agents to provide phone assistance. With citizens unclear as to which services were available or how to pay for them, some cities consequently lost months of revenue—simply because they had no way for citizens to make payments.

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Learn how your municipality can leverage technology to support municipality-wide digital communication while offering citizens a flexible payment solution to make payments easier and faster.

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