Creating Payment Solutions for Tomorrow, Today!

Ben Weiner
Ben Weiner
Chief Strategy Officer

Aspioneer 20 Under 40: Influential Leader to Watch

The term “fintech” has become a common way to describe any business that provides technology to improve and automate financial services. What began with the inauguration of the first ATM back in 1967 has now transformed into payments made from your mobile phone and real-time B2B money movement. The truth is that today’s global economies, backed by the might of digitalization, are expanding at an unprecedented rate, pushing the boundaries of global commerce to a whole new level.

Traditionally relying on banks for the simplest of transactions, today’s commerce happens anytime and anywhere. Thus, organizations need a trusted partner that helps them deliver seamless end-to-end payment solutions to stay relevant. Headquartered in Atlanta, Paya is a leading provider of integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions, offering card, ACH, and check payment processing solutions to middle-market businesses.

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