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Learn about Paya’s innovative approach to Cloud EMV and how this new functionality will bring significant benefit to Intacct users.

Paya’s Cloud EMV for
Sage Intacct
Paya’s Cloud EMV for Sage Intacct

About Sage Intacct

Introducing Sage Intacct with Paya Integrated Payments

No cost, cloud-based payments integration for Sage Intacct

Integrate Paya’s payments solutions with Sage Intacct to streamline your back-office and simplify reconciliation work. With $0 setup or development costs, real-time card and ACH acceptance has never been easier. Your employees will thank you for choosing Paya!

Your customers can make payments via a link on an emailed invoice or through a “Pay with Paya” button on an Accounts Receivable or Order Entry invoice.

Our embedded integration is a completely out-of-the-box experience offering:

  • 1-Click Payment via email link on an invoice
  • Syncing of payment data to Intacct as Journal Entries
  • Auto-payment of recurring invoices
  • Stored tokenized card information to expedite future payments
  • Pre-authorized payments
  • Support of Level 3 data
  • Monitor financial health with comprehensive, customizable reporting

Customers can quickly and easily pay with 1 Click Payments!

  • Link on an emailed invoice
  • “Pay with Paya” button for either an AccountsReceivable or Order Entry Invoice

Streamline operations and boost business

With fewer fees and fewer hassles, Paya’s Sage Intacct integration is the easiest, most affordable accounting solution available. Also, as part of Sage's strategic alliance, Paya incorporates enhanced data security and omni-channel payment capabilities with Sage certified accounting and ERP solutions.

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