Helping Business Software Providers Deliver Continuity and Peace of Mind Through Electronic Payments

Jeff Hack, CEO of Paya. He has glasses, curly dark hair, and is wearing a suit.

By Jeff Hack, CEO of Paya
This is a repost of Jeff’s article on LinkedIn which can be found on his LinkedIn page here

The rapidly changing events brought about by the Coronavirus have created (or accentuated) a number of challenges for businesses, governments, non-profits, and communities across the globe.

As many teams have shifted to remote operations and people are less likely to shop or pay for goods and services in person, business software providers can play a critical role in helping customers maintain revenue and back office operations while keeping data secure.

Here are a few ways to help your customers support business continuity through integrated on-line payments:

Help minimize revenue loss

  • Provide new electronic payment acceptance: enable omni-channel acceptance to customers, including card and ACH payments, which can be accepted online or by phone. Choose a provider with easy integration that supports custom workflows.
  • Promote existing electronic payments offerings: through simple customer communications, we have seen increases in adoption in the past few weeks. Recurring billing options and account updater features allow your clients to schedule payments and store cards on file without worrying about missing payments or having to update their card information when it expires.

Improve back office efficiencies

  • Simplify receivables: provide seamless, white labeled workflows which integrate omni-channel payments and post back to your software.
  • Set up flexible reporting: give every customer, regardless of complexity, the ability to manage and track payments with transaction details that can roll up to a flexible location and hierarchy structure. Let customers designate how their organization should be set up for individual payments, which can then be deposited to separate bank accounts, tracked by entity, and rolled up.

Provide peace of mind

  • Reach out to customers to assist with end-user communications to help keep revenue flowing.
  • Transact securely, even at home, thus eliminating payment security concerns by using a fully encrypted and tokenized provider, removing all payment card industry (PCI) compliance risk from customers.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting these solutions into practice to support our partners

  • For non-profits, we are assisting with donor outreach and education to help transition to an online giving model in lieu of in-person donations.
  • We are providing our public sector partners with communication support to promote e-bill and phone-based payments while also providing a rapid deployment hosted payment page that can be used to accept payments for any number of services in lieu of a full e-billing deployment.
  • We’ve had several new software partners integrate with Paya in the past 2 weeks alone, some in as few as 3 hours. Due to our approach to full integration and robust API library, our software already automates a number of back-office processes and supports automated and recurring payments as well as automated account updater features.
  • We are proud that our robust technological and operational resiliency along with our dedicated workforce has allowed us to operate at full strength during this crisis.

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Paya is a leading provider of integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions that help customers accept and make payments, expedite receipt of money, and increase operating efficiencies. We process over $30 Billion in annual payment volume across credit/debit card, ACH, and check, making Paya a top 20 provider of payment processing and #8 in e-Commerce in the US.