Paya and BCS ProSoft: Successful Together

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BCS ProSoft, Based in San Antonio, TX, is an award-winning consultancy and provider of accounting software and ERP solutions to mid-sized organizations across North America. They distinguish themselves by developing long-term and deep relationships with the businesses they serve by not only helping them identify the right mix of technology for their organization but providing ongoing strategic guidance, training, and support to help them be successful in the long run. Building and maintaining this prestigious reputation means that BCS ProSoft not only offers best in class service and support but brings to their portfolio solution providers who offer the same high bar of excellence to their clients.

Partnering with Paya

BCS ProSoft has a longstanding relationship with Paya that dates back to the early days of Sage Payment Systems (SPS). As BCS launched its Sage ERP practice, the natural choice for an integrated payment partner was from the ERP provider itself. Since that time, Paya (formerly SPS) has become an independent company and continues to deliver on its promise of excellence through its world-class technology portfolio as well as its ongoing support, deep industry expertise, and continuous focus on platform innovation.

Although there are alternatives in the market, BCS ProSoft continues to leverage Paya’s capabilities across the full suite of Sage ERP products. Sage 100, in particular, has gained significant traction among BCS ProSoft clients who are delighted to find that the payment integration is seamless and quick. Not only does this reduce up-front integration complexity but accelerates time to revenue. Further, Paya is always prepared to provide support as needed.

And because the integration was built by the publisher, BCS can confidently recommend Paya’s solution to clients and know they will be provided with highly efficient and secure payment processing each and every time.

“We look forward to the innovation coming from Paya, such as e-invoicing and click to pay. We need to stay relevant for our clients and by solving their problems, Paya helps us do that.”
– William Vespe, President, BCS ProSoft.

Solution Overview

Currently supporting all Sage ERP platforms, including Intacct and X3, Paya’s integrated payments platform provides robust, end-to-end payment processing capabilities for clients’ ERP workflows. The solution streamlines back-office processes, improves reconciliation, and simplifies payment data management through a unified interface* designed to enhance the overall user experience.

Key Features

• Multiple payment options
• Customers can quickly pay via a “Click to Pay” link on an emailed invoice
• Web-scale, PCI compliant, highly secure transaction platform for payment processing
• Syncing of payment data into the ERP platform
• Auto-payment of recurring invoices
• Stored tokenized card information to expedite future payments
• Pre-authorized payments
• Support of Level 3 data to optimize interchange
• Monitor financial health with comprehensive, customizable reporting