Paya and Authvia: Innovative Payment Solutions through Salesforce


Salesforce continues to expand its functionality through the app exchange to provide companies with a complete suite of business tools to manage the core functions of their operations. A critical function that can now be managed natively within Salesforce is Accounts Receivable. Providing a modern digital payments solution to customers is more critical than ever to ensure solid cash flow. By offering digital invoicing, recurring billing through ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Credit card payments, these businesses can reduce their operating costs to receive payments. More importantly, they can ensure customers’ loyalty by making it easy to pay for their goods and service.

As a leading provider of integrated payments and commerce enablement services, Paya often works behind the scenes with ISVs to help them round out an end-to-end experience that combines the functionality of their business management software with the power of our payments platform. Together, our technologies provide end-clients with a complete business solution that promotes improved operational health through seamless administrative integration and fosters revenue assurance through enhanced invoicing, payments, and reconciliation capabilities.

For ISVs leveraging Salesforce as their operating platform, Paya has partnered with Authvia, a leading provider of text-to-pay and digital invoicing solutions, to bring our full-suite of integrated payment capabilities to their business management software. Since Paya and Authvia are pre-integrated, ISVs simply install the Authvia application from the Salesforce marketplace to quickly enable payment functionality.

Once installed, ISVs can take full advantage of card, and ACH payments while expanding payment acceptance through e-invoicing and text-to-pay. ISVs can also offer recurring, scheduled, and installment payments enabled through our tokenized vault that includes an automated account updater feature.

The best part is that reconciliation and reporting is centralized into the Salesforce platform, providing a single view of all business and payment data for reporting and analytics.

Paya has been powering innovative payment solutions for ISV, CRM, and ERP platforms for 30 years. We would love to show you this amazing integration with Salesforce powered by Authvia.

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