Optimizing Business Performance through Integrated Payments

Sage Sessions X3

The Sage Sessions X3 conference bustled with customers and partners seeking to learn about the extended capabilities of Sage X3. As Sage’s Preferred Payment Provider in the US and as a Platinum Sponsor for the event, the Paya team was thrilled to attend and participate. Leon Harris and Tim Phelan presented “Optimizing Business Performance through Integrated Payments”, discussing the digital transformation journey and how integrated payments automation is assisting customers in their mission to improve efficiency and increase speed of payments, as well as how to harness cloud-based systems to make these solutions available and extensible.

Each business is in their own unique place in the digital transformation journey. Tim Phelan commented, “As a trusted technology partner, Paya’s goal is to make the implementation of integrating payments intuitive, quick, and seamless, enabling customers to focus on growing their business.”

Leon Harris went on to show the power of harnessing cloud-driven intelligence in applying Level III processing to every transaction. As Mr. Harris explained, “Level III technology is already embedded in the Paya service fabric and can be enabled by simply checking a box.” To illustrate this power, he shared a success story of a Paya customer who saves on average close to 1% on each transaction using this technology.

As always, Sage Sessions X3 was an excellent event—and especially so this year, as it was wonderful meeting with partners and customers face to face for the first time in a long time. Paya remains committed to delivering best-in-class integrated payment solutions across the full suite of Sage ERP products. With features like scheduled and recurring billing, e-invoicing, card account updater, and account management for stored payments, we have enabled thousands of businesses to optimize billing and invoice processes, deliver more payment options and greater flexibility to their customers, and improve back-office efficiencies. Visit paya.com/sage to learn more!