How to Easily Accept Payments

Whether you’re planning on adding the ability to process payments to your software for the first time, or you’re looking for a new partner to handle your payments, the process can seem complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

If a quick time-to-market is a priority for you—as it is for most companies—then you need to look for a partner that prioritizes simplicity, transparency, and support.

Simplified Integration

Paya offers an API-first platform, which means that there are hundreds of integrations already built, and more being added all the time. It also means that we’re likely already familiar with the tech stack you’re using, so there’s no need for your team to develop any code in-house.

Whether you’re looking to add payment methods to your web browser, mobile app, or retail terminal, only one integration is required. This means less operational overhead, quicker time-to-market, and more transaction options for your end-user.

While we add the payments layer into your software, we operate quietly behind the scenes, allowing your newly comprehensive software to be center stage. Our white label solution ensures that your branding is all that your end-user will see. The result is a seamless and secure payments option that improves the overall experience of your software for your clients.

Transparent Timeline

Before beginning a solution overhaul, your developers will benefit from access to thoroughly documented support pages and an API sandbox environment where they can begin simulating and testing at any time.

Once you are ready to begin integration, you will meet with our dedicated integration team to launch development work and refine the overall program strategy, setting out core goals and milestones. The entire process from integration to first transaction takes between 30-60 days on average, but our shortest integration time was just three hours!

Together we will develop your end-to-end customer experience, including the onboarding flow, support structure, messaging, reporting, and training. After that we will work with you to build a go-to-market strategy that includes things like sales tactics, joint marketing initiatives, promotions, and sales incentives.

With those intentions set, we will conduct training for your employees, including sales, customer support, and finance. Once we flip the switch on our end, you will be able to start processing payment transactions through your software system.

Ongoing Support

Once the integration is complete, we begin the process of onboarding your existing client base onto the service.

When you partner with Paya, you are assigned a dedicated partner development manager, who will assist in executing a customized onboarding strategy to get as many merchants as possible to take advantage of your integrated payments offering, resulting in a faster time to additional revenue. Your PDM will be with you for the long-haul; they will keep you up to speed on all new products, deal with any specific requests or issues that may come up, and overall, help you work towards your payment revenue goals.

It is our belief that partnership should extend well beyond the initial implementation. You can count on having access to ongoing review and optimization of the program, as well as responsive support if any problems arise.

So, rest easy knowing that at Paya, our success depends on yours.

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