Nonprofits: Remember handshakes and a warm smile?


Now that we have become a society of no handshakes, nonprofits need to go above and beyond. The good news is…technology is your friend. It has become second nature to most of us and is one of the most significant driving forces behind communication and marketing today.

The implementation of specific technology platforms plays a different yet equally important role in successful cultivation and donor development. Take advantage of a donor database, a website to emphasize your mission as well as an elevated donation experience, easy graphics, social media, document sharing technology and e-newsletters. These platforms are not all expensive; many have a free version and offer deep nonprofit discounts.

Think about utilizing simple PR strategies to seize an opportunity to intersect with donors who are not familiar with your mission. Wrap it all up in social media as an optimal method to maximize marketing and reach multiple generations of prospects and donors.

Use Paya’s nonprofit solutions to elevate donor engagement and build relationships with prospective donors. A simple invitation allows people to take a closer look and learn more about your nonprofit and your mission. It offers the bond and affinity donors are seeking prior to providing or continuing to provide financial support. Ask questions about their giving needs and answer their questions. Although your organization may feel good when their needs are fulfilled, don’t forget that giving is about how it makes the donor feel.

Paya has over three decades of nonprofit expertise that enhances customer experiences and outcomes. We know your nonprofit needs, and our goal is to provide the smoothest possible experience for our clients. Our technology solution is user-friendly, effective, and affordable. Now is the time to seize this opportunity.

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