Everybody Wins with PayaGov Payment Solutions


Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company reveals that 82% of Americans surveyed regularly used digital payment methods during 2021. That’s an increase from 78% in 2020. Most consumers now expect digital payment services as part of their customer experiences, even with government agencies. One recent Paya client demonstrated how a successful incentive campaign can easily get consumers on board with digital payments.

The Power of Incentives

Montgomery County Municipal Utility District 8 (MUD 8) recently shared an inspiring customer adoption story with Paya. MUD 8 chose our eStatement™ services, enabling its customers to pay their water and tax bills online. The agency encouraged customers to sign up for the service by offering an attractive incentive. For the past year, it has given its customers a $12 credit when they elect the service through Paya.

The campaign has proven to be a huge success. In addition to the $12 credit, customers who elected Paya’s eStatements in December 2021 were entered into a raffle for a $100 gift card—encouraging them to act quickly. The lucky winner’s name was drawn in January—and in a heartwarming twist, the resident requested that the $100 gift card prize be donated to the Montgomery Food Bank.

Paya’s Digital Payment Services

Considering the growing number of Americans who regard digital payments to be a basic service, getting them to adopt usually isn’t very difficult. The key is making customers aware of the service. As MUD 8’s success story illustrates, financial incentives and contests are excellent ways to capture residents’ attention and compel them to make the switch.

MUD 8’s customer adoption story is also an excellent example for all municipal and government agencies. It shows some simple, cost-effective methods for promoting electronic statements and payment services to residents, which benefit all stakeholders. What’s more, Paya’s eStatement service is feature-rich and has a lot to offer. For instance, each MUD 8 resident using eStatements receives faster monthly statements and can choose from a wide range of payment methods, including:

  • Autopay
  • Recurring payments
  • Text-to-pay
  • Pay by email
  • Live agent telephone payments

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