In today’s retail environment, secure choices are critical

Paya gives your retail operations valuable options to let customers pay their way—securely.

Whether you want to accept credit cards, take checks, or offer gift and loyalty benefits to your customers,
Paya offers a complete solution for your business today, which can scale and update easily for tomorrow.


Payment Technology

Paya’s retail solutions offer credit card processing services and includes a wide variety of industry leading hardware and technology options to meet the unique needs of your retail operations.


Customer Protection

Paya’s retail solution protects customer data with the latest suite of security protection that is continually upgraded to exceed industry security standards.


Gift & Loyalty

Expand the reach of your retail business, and encourage repeat visits by leveraging Paya’s complete suite of Gift and Loyalty program offerings.

Business Solutions

Paya’s payment platform drives your front-end sales, but also reconciles your back-end office reporting, leaving you free to manage other business priorities.

Accelerate Your Success

Let Paya accelerate your retail business today with everything you need to succeed, while also positioning your business for success tomorrow.


Secure Credit Card processing using the latest Point of Sale systems

Integrated payment terminals link to a secure payment gateway, for faster reporting, automated post back, point to point encryption, EMV®, and integration into most accounting and ERP systems.


Cloud-based Virtual Terminals let you manage payments anywhere, anytime.

Paya’s exclusive Internet brower-based payment capability and virtual terminals offer full head-to-host encryption security.

Take Checks, EFT and ACH payments.

Secure check acceptance, EFT and ACH acceptance is fully secure with remote deposit and check reader functionality.


Build Business with Gift and Loyalty programs.

Paya’s industry leading gift and loyalty programs include predesigned or custom gift and loyalty cards, along with the tools to successfully introduce and manage your program.

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