The food service business moves fast, and so do you.

Choosing the right payment solution can be daunting—it’s an integral part of your business success. Whether you want to accept credit cards, take checks, accept mobile payments, or offer gift and loyalty benefits to your customers, Paya has a complete, easy to install, easy to use solution perfectly suited for your needs today to grow with your thriving business tomorrow.

Paya offers restaurant and food service businesses the latest and best performing technology options. Our full menu of payment options allows you to configure the perfect solution for your needs. Speed customer payment, get paid faster, and better manage your cashflow.


Choose a payment solution that fits the needs of your business.

Paya offers industry leading payment processing solutions for any type of restaurant or food service business.


Paya provides secure payment solutions that are easy to set up, and easy to use.

Worry-free installation and integration allows you to manage your business, without the stress of learning a new payment system.


Take payments and manage your business from any place, any time.

Paya’s secure payments platform allows you to manage your business virtually, through a secure web-interface. You can take payments, process invoices, and manage back end business functions online or on-the-go.


Achieve financial transparency throughout your business

Paya’s payment platform and automatic reporting and reconciliation gives you increased visibility into your financial position, giving you transparency across your business.

Managing a successful restaurant, food truck, coffee shop or distribution facility is fast-paced

Paya offers payment solutions specifically for you. They align to your current needs and easily expand as your success and your needs grow.

A payment solution for every restaurant or food service business.

Paya offers payments solutions for on-site operations, on-line ordering, mobile payments for on-the-go billing—or all three. Seamlessly integrated into one, easy to use payment platform that works with your backend accounting system—for streamlined data and operations.


Don’t sweat the set-up.

Paya’s solutions are easy to set-up and use, so you or your staff have little to no ramp-up time learning new technology. Paya’s award-winning service desk team is there to help you along the way, should you need it, anytime.

Don’t be chained to your business.

Manage your business from anywhere, anytime, with Paya’s secure web-interface. You can take payments, process invoices, and manage back end business functions online, or on-the-go.


Get clear about how your business is doing.

Financial and transaction transparency helps you manage your business smarter, so you can manage it better. Paya’s payment platform and automatic reporting and reconciliation give you visibility into your business and its finances, so you can focus on growing and managing your business.

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