Solutions targeted to meet unique healthcare needs.

Patients demand simple, payment options from their healthcare provider.

In today’s marketplace, one-time payments and recurring billing options are a competitive requirement. Paya’s solutions give medical practices and healthcare facilities secure, flexible options that seamlessly integrate with virtually all practice management software.

  • Paya exchange desktop

    Take payments, make payments, and track finances, simply and securely.

  • Process payments through Paya’s secure web-based portal

    Securely process credit card payments, checks and ACH and card not present transactions through a secure, web-based portal with patient-friendly payment options, and easy invoicing, including click-to-pay features.

  • Paya Payment Center

    Easily manage invoicing, pay bills, and manage financial operations of a medical practice seamlessly through Paya’s Payment Center dashboard.

  • Automatically have a clear, transparent view of financial reports

    Paya’s solution simplifies the payment process, offers additional ways to pay, and assists with billing and accounting records.

  • “Paya fit the bill on everything. We were very impressed that Paya had the capability to offer us a unified solution.”

    Amy Whitten
    VP of Sales, PayTrace

Healthcare Solutions

Today’s patients want to choose how they pay. Paya's trusted payment and integrated financial solutions remove uncertainty, speed patient payment by providing easier ways to pay, automatically update backend accounting systems, and much more.

Paya exchange desktop is a secure tool to manage secure data.

With check processing and card not present capabilities, this robust solution is a fully PCI-DSS compliant, .Net application that completely removes all sensitive payment data from its application workflow. Features like tokenization, Level III processing, and EMV® are included in the solution, offering the highest levels of security.

Manage payments

Paya Virtual Desktop allows doctors, medical and healthcare facilities to manage payments through a secure web-based portal, offering check processing, ACH acceptance and card not present features for patients and vendors.

Send bills, get paid, and manage cash flow.

Paya’s eInvoicing solution, click-to-pay and text-to-pay options capture payments and speeds revenue reconciliation in a secure, web-based environment.

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