Simplified Boarding vs. Traditional Boarding

  • Reduced set-up time

    Standard underwriting and customer account boarding is typically time-consuming. In contrast, Simplified Boarding usually takes about 15 minutes for approval.

  • Simplicity

    With Simplified Boarding, clients complete an application in a few easy steps – far easier to handle than the standard merchant application and accompanying financial documents normally required).

  • Increased adoption

    With Simplified Boarding, clients are up and running in no time! With the convenience of instant payment processing, overall transaction volume increases which leads to a more robust revenue stream.

Enhanced Reporting

Our reporting capabilities empower businesses by helping them better understand their own.

  • Transparency

    Our online reports are designed to encourage transparency and enhance service quality.

  • Insight

    Our reports are designed to simplify business decisions by providing clear insight into data.

  • Real-time access

    Online reporting enables instant, real-time access to authorizations, transaction history and summary reporting.

  • Support

    Easy access to transaction data allows our partners to more efficiently serve and support their customers.

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