Managing school payments doesn’t need to be complicated.

Adopt a simple, secure payments processing solution that’s as smart as you are.

Schools have a unique challenge when it comes to a payments processing solution.
Our payment processing solution is simple and works across your organizations to provide one view of your payment accounts and important financial data.


Students want to pay their way.

Provide a number of secure options to collect all kinds of payments, like tuition, books, snacks and activities fees from multiple locations.

Offer student account statements and payment receipts in a secure, online environment.

Student records are expected to be on demand for anywhere, anytime access.


Make tuition payments simple and easy to understand.

Remove the old-school barriers of in-person or paper payments, and add secure, online and mobile payment solutions that take a wide range of payment options: credit/debit cards, EFT, check and ACH, with split payment functionality and real-time statement reporting.


Get on demand reporting dashboards.

Manage accounts and data using on-demand reporting. Provide on demand student account access for statements and amounts due.

Easily adapt your school to the changing payment landscape.

Unlock the power of providing payment choices for education needs.

Collect payments anyway your students pay.

Paya offers secure payment options that are as diverse as your student body. Onsite POS credit card processing check acceptance and mobile payments for on-campus locations. Online secure payments solutions for credit cards, checks, ACH and EFT to pay tuition, books, or order online school merchandise. Every solution is wrapped in Paya’s Advanced Fraud Dectection, and PCI compliance.


Online access to student accounts and records.

Paya’s solution offers extensive reporting capabilities, such as on-demand online access to accounts and records of any kind.

Take the sting out of tuition payments.

Paya’s solution makes paying tuition and other bills easy. Our no-hassle, simple to use platform gives parents and students the freedom of paying any way they please.


On demand visibility of student accounts and payment data.

With Paya, real-time, on demand statements, student records and payment history are available anywhere, any time.

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