Business success depends on payment security.

Fraud protection has become a focus for businesses taking payments today. A customers' trust in a business is key to success.

Paya’s secure payment solutions platform and Advanced Fraud Protection (AFP) keeps business’ and  customers’ data secure.

  • Automated fraud attempt scoring

    Paya’s AFP automatically reviews and scores all authorization attempts.

  • Manage risk

    Access a combination of real-time tools and multiple rules-based filters to help minimize authorization and chargeback fees, while reducing loss due to fraudulent transactions.

  • Minimize fraudulent transactions

    Paya’s AFP uses industry-leading risk rules and our proprietary fraud database to minimize fraudulent transactions.

Keep both businesses and customers safe

Paya’s Advanced Fraud Protection and Security solution keeps online fraud in check with a robust set of solutions to keep business and customers safe.

Paya’s AFP completes an automated review and scoring of all authorization attempts submitted

The solution uses data elements like geolocation, IP address identification, and device ID recognition to generate a fraud score.

You decide what kind of risk and how much protection is right for your business

Businesses can create and implement a set of risk rules that can be used to decline transactions suspected of being fraudulent.

Paya’s AFP uses a high standard of risk mitigation

Industry-leading risk rules protect transaction data, and Paya’s extensive fraud database detects and manages fraudulent activity.

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