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Effortless Credit Card Processing for Your Business

Tired of outdated credit card processing services? Complex business software impacting your customers’ experience? Look no further – Paya delivers omni-channel business and payments services every day, to small businesses in almost every industry. You deserve the best. Go Paya Today!

Everything You Need to Start Selling

Paya is a frictionless commerce platform that increases business intelligence, ensuring that small businesses can adapt with confidence to changes in technology and the marketplace.

Integrate Payment Solutions with Elegance

Unlike other solutions that offer a complex and fragmented set of technologies, Paya delivers an elegant commerce platform that is integrated and seamless.

Adapt to Payment Technologies with our Purpose-Built Platform

Paya’s purpose-built platform is adaptable and future-driven, eliminating the need to change business systems in order to use the latest technology.

Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

With a coordinated approach to payments, small businesses can ensure secure transactions onsite, online, or on-the-go – anywhere your customers choose to pay.

We Solve Big Problems for Your Small Business

We strive to provide an exceptional experience that drives the growth of your business.


Paya’s frictionless technology platform allows quick setup and implementation, so your business is up and running in no time.


Paya is a platform that enables small businesses to optimize organizational efficiency, deliver consistent value and accelerate growth.


Paya’s security systems offer high-level encryption and advanced fraud detection to keep customers safe and your business secure.


Our “Always-On”, dependable support means you don’t wait for answers. Your success is our success

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    Peter Kaufman,


    ADSS Global recommended Paya to their client, Southwest Community Church, a private high school. “When our contact indicated that they needed to move away from their current payment process which involved manual checks and credit card number written on forms, Paya was the logical choice. Integration was the initial prerequisite for the payment solution and while there were several companies out there that could have satisfied that requirement, it was critical that we find the most cost-effective solution. Paya is all of that and can be up and running quickly, so we immediately moved forward. As a reseller, our number one goal is to match our customer’s challenges with the best solution. After that, we consider which provider is best to work with. Paya is a reseller’s dream. Their installation is virtually automatic. We simply request an access code, make a phone call and everything gets done.”

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    Camille Kesler, CEO


    “The debit and credit card processing market is a competitive one, so only those that can provide additional value stand out. The decision to integrate Paya into my business was an easy one. Once I knew it integrated seamlessly with my Sage 50c account solution, and that it would save me money, I said ‘let’s go for it’. Owning a small business is hard work, and pretty much a 24-7 job so business intelligence is super important to me. I initially thought all I needed was a point of sale system that integrated into my back-office software. I quickly learned that I could get so much more. The data that we get from Paya’s point of sale software gives me further insight into my business, including sales data and trends, customer order history and inventory management. And, with Paya mobile payment options we can accept payments anywhere. Paya also gives me peace of mind knowing that my credit card transactions are secure using the latest and greatest compliance metrics. I can’t say enough about Paya, their solutions are simple to use, easy to get up and running and reliable – what more could an entrepreneur need!”

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    Amy Whitten, VP, Sales


    The Missing Link in Your Payment System – Yeah, Paya Can Do That “When PayTrace looked for an eCheck provider, we were focused on finding a solution that met several key criteria. First, it needed to be secure and reliable. Second, it had to be easily customizable. And finally, it needed to be quick and easy to implement. Paya fit the bill on everything. We were very impressed that Paya had the capability to offer us a unified solution. We were able to pass along a standalone product that had all the benefits of a sophisticated technology based solution. Paya addressed our initial need but also provided our customers the ability to integrate their eCheck data into their accounting systems. Definitely a win-win for everyone!”

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An Industry-Specific Payment Solution


Paya lets you adopt a simple, secure payments processing solution that’s as smart as you are.


Paya has years of experience helping associates, religious organizations, community and school councils get paid, make payments and efficiently manage donations.

Professional Services

Paya offers Flexible payment options to design your clients’ payment experience.


Paya gives your retail operation valuable options to let customers pay their way – securely.

Healthcare & Medical

Pay gives your patients payment choices, either online, over the phone, and/or in person.


Paya has a complete, easy-to-install, easy-to-use solution perfectly suited restaurant solution to fit your needs as you grow.

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